4 x 25 day/100 pounds hcg diet weight loss kits

Lose 60-100 pounds with this package deal. If your buying for yourself but want to stretch it out your goals over time, product expiration dates are minimum 1 year and maximum of 2 years. Great for groups as well to take advantage of lower price per 25 day kit!


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Need to lose up to 100 pounds for yourself or between friends? This is your best deal!

Each  4 x 25 day hCG weight loss kit contains:

  • 4 vials of pharmacy grade hCG (5,000 International Units)(Expiration dates minimum 1-2 years)
  • 4 10ml sterile bottles of Bacteriostatic/NaCl (sodium chloride) water to mix with the powdered hCG
  • 4 10ml sterile, empty vials to store the mixed hCG and Bacteriostatic/NaCl water in.
  • 4 10ml sterile mixing syringes, used to mix the hCG and Bacteriostatic/NaCl water.
  • 100 HCG diet injection insulin syringes with needles (only 20 HCG injections required on each 23 day protocol)
  • 104 alcohol swabs