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Please note all prices at CanadaHcgDiet.com are in Canadian dollar amounts.

As of September 2017, we can only accept Interac payments.

Interac Payment Instructions

To pay for your order, you’ll need to go through the check-out process first, then log into your online banking. We do not provide a direct link to your bank.

After logging into your bank account online, find the “transfers” tab and click on it.

Once in the transfers section, you’ll see an option for “Interac” email money transfer. Select it.

The Interac transfer interface will ask you to enter some information. Most is self explanatory. The ones you’ll need information from us are as follows:

  1. “Send money to:” You’ll need to enter a new contact here with our name and our email address. You can use “HCG” or any name you wish, but you must use our correct email address; support@canadahcgdiet.com
  2. “Amount:” The total dollar amount of your order. Remember shipping is free!
  3. “Security Question:” You must create a security question that only you and the recipient (in this case us!) know. As noted in the checkout procedure, use the name of the city your order will be shipped to followed by your order number. Capitalize only the first letter of the city name and do not enter any spaces between city and order number. For example, if your order number is 367 and your order is shipping to Prince George, BC, the answer to the security question would be “Princegeorge367” (without the quotation marks of course!)

After you’ve completed entering the other information you’ll be asked and have sent the funds, it usually takes about 30 minutes until we receive an email from Interac with a link to deposit the funds to our account.

After we’ve received the funds, Interac will send out an email to you notifying you that the funds transfer was successful. We then update your order from “On Hold” or “Pending Payment” to “Processing” and the shipping department is notified to send your order out.

If you have any questions regarding Interac transfers, please contact us.