Who is Canadahcgdiet.com?

Canadahcgdiet.com is the sister site to www.hcgdietmeds.com and was launched in August of 2017, specifically for Canadian residents. Both sites are owned and operated by Canadian Prescription Savers LTD (CPS), a Canadian licensed business specializing in mail order prescription medications. CPS owns and/or operates numerous pharmacy, warehouse and shipping locations throughout Canada, USA, Great Britain and India. CPS has been in operation since 2000 with 17 years of experience in ┬áproviding lower cost medications, primarily for US seniors. CPS has been fulfilling hCG for approximately 11 years with a proven track record of success, through it’s own websites as well as providing fulfilment services of partners. CPS provides over 10,000 medications via mail order through it’s main website at www.canadianprescriptionsavers.com.

Does Canadahcgdiet.com sell real hCG?

Yes! We sell only pharmacy grade human (not animal) hCG accessed through our network of licensed wholesalers or direct from the manufacturer. Currently (as of January 2019) all of our hCG is compounded in The USA. The majority of the hCG we’ve sold prior to 2019 came from Great Britain and was manufactured by one of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies that specializes in hormones. With changes coming in The USA with new FDA regulations regarding the compounding of hCG (starting March 23, 2020), we may have to revert back to offshore solutions. However, we’re told our USA supply should remain intact for 2020. Any changes will be posted.

Does the hCG diet really work?

Yes! But it’s not a miracle cure for being overweight. You must follow a strict low calorie diet while you are injecting hCG. Essentially, the hCG helps your body release stored fat which is used as fuel for your body. Without hCG, you would not be able to stay on a 500 calorie a day diet! With hCG, as your body is being fuelled by fat reserves, you won’t experience hunger pangs like you would without hCG! If you went on a strict 500 calorie a day diet without hCG, you wouldn’t last long. You’d become weak and you’d cave in and start eating a lot!The most successful customers of ours count calories. And to keep the weight off after dieting, you must start making healthy choices in your daily eating habits. if you continue eating the way you had, the weight will come back!